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Yes. Yes it is.

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Snow covers the battle scene, 
seeing death amongst the evergreens.
A shield and sword in my grip, 
in the snow we all stumble and slip.
Have I chosen a cold dead end road, 
a grave and dew-licked grass as my abode.
Flat on my back I see a clear sky, 
and a Valkyrie in my view as I lie.

Did I close my eyes, is this tale true, 
did these maidens choose me and you? 
Did I close my eyes, is this tale true, 
does Valhalla exist for me and you? 

Ice covers a river-side dream, 
it breaks pulling me under the stream.
Sunlight drowns and daylight disappears, 
an eclipse shrouding the mighty sphere.
Then a female voice spoke, softly saying things, 
a myriad of watery swirls transform into a horse with wings.
A body appeared to which the voice did belong, 
to Asgard she whispered, like a heroine in a song.

Am I asleep, is this dream as real as it appears, 
am I really a hero, my vision of Valhalla so clear? 
Am I asleep, is this dream as real as it appears, 
as Odin steps forward I say goodbye to my fears.

We cross a rainbow bridge to the other side, 
amongst the clouds where heroes of battle reside.
Stood at the doors of silver, my wonder unsurpassed, 
chosen by King Odin to live a life of ever last.
In the hall of heroes, its walls lamented with shields, 
I am paralysed by the splendour that it yields.
You must understand my friend that this tale is true, 
for Valhalla and Valkyries exist for me and you. 

~ Poem by Dale Mullock
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Ubisoft announced today at San Diego Comic-Con that it is giving one lucky fan the ultimate gameplay experience: to go down in history as the first person to play a video game on Mt. Everest.

Ubisoft press release (via jeffgerstmann)

THE ULTIMATE GAMEPLAY EXPERIENCE! If you aren’t playing Far Cry on Mt. Everest, you’re playing a pile of garbage! What the hell?

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A wild cat and a fox isn’t the usual pair of best friends but this duo was discovered by fishermen on the shores of Lake Van in Turkey and have been together for over a year. Locals say their inseparable. Article.

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Fanart: “Tomb Raider Reborn” by SamDenmarkArt

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