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Vikings Name Meanings (1/?)

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Can I help you?
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Can I help you?

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I finally cosplayed from my favorite game! This is Elza from Suikoden II. She’s a fugitive and former member of the Howling Voice Guild, a mysterious and powerful group of assassins who are the only faction in the Suikoden universe to possess knowledge of gunpowder. Elza is not a playable character, and she only makes a short appearance in the main storyline. However, there is an entire sidequest dedicated to helping Clive, Guild Master of the Howling Voice Guild (and Elza’s ex-lover) track her across the country. This requires you to speed run the game in under 20 hours, but their dramatic final showdown makes it totally worthwhile.

Photographed by Samantha McMichael.

Amazing cosplay!

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If you’re not excited about Bobbi (potentially) joining the cast of Agents of SHIELD, you probably haven’t read enough about her.

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Yes. Yes it is.

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Snow covers the battle scene, 
seeing death amongst the evergreens.
A shield and sword in my grip, 
in the snow we all stumble and slip.
Have I chosen a cold dead end road, 
a grave and dew-licked grass as my abode.
Flat on my back I see a clear sky, 
and a Valkyrie in my view as I lie.

Did I close my eyes, is this tale true, 
did these maidens choose me and you? 
Did I close my eyes, is this tale true, 
does Valhalla exist for me and you? 

Ice covers a river-side dream, 
it breaks pulling me under the stream.
Sunlight drowns and daylight disappears, 
an eclipse shrouding the mighty sphere.
Then a female voice spoke, softly saying things, 
a myriad of watery swirls transform into a horse with wings.
A body appeared to which the voice did belong, 
to Asgard she whispered, like a heroine in a song.

Am I asleep, is this dream as real as it appears, 
am I really a hero, my vision of Valhalla so clear? 
Am I asleep, is this dream as real as it appears, 
as Odin steps forward I say goodbye to my fears.

We cross a rainbow bridge to the other side, 
amongst the clouds where heroes of battle reside.
Stood at the doors of silver, my wonder unsurpassed, 
chosen by King Odin to live a life of ever last.
In the hall of heroes, its walls lamented with shields, 
I am paralysed by the splendour that it yields.
You must understand my friend that this tale is true, 
for Valhalla and Valkyries exist for me and you. 

~ Poem by Dale Mullock